A major infestation can be ruin your home and health is the mold. Almost every home get victim of mold, like black mold, green mold and gray mold and these are very dangerous for health. The most infamous species S. Chartarum and S, choronhalonata are known as ‘Black Mold’ or ‘Toxic Black Mold’ in the US and are frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water damage building materials.

 Many homeowner underestimate the danger of mold, and especially the presence of black mold in the basements and bathrooms. Mold may begin growing indoor when mold spores land on surfaces that are wet. Mold buildings are at an increased risk of health problems such as inflammatory and toxic responses to mold spores, metabolites.

Mold inspecting is the process of finding the reason or the source of mold.

  • Why it come?
  • Where it come from?
  • How to remove it in best way?

A good mold inspection start with through visual inspection of the house or building and office. Mold visual inspection is a common method to analysis to find source of molds.


 Inspection incorporates plans which comprise appropriate use of personal protective equipment as well The technicians will then take both swab and air samples to be evaluated by a microbial laboratory for analysis. The swab sample will determine if mold is present on the surface; the type and severity of the mold species present; and the toxicity level of the mold; while the air sample (when used with an outdoor baseline sample for comparison) will determine if elevated levels of airborne mold spores are present throughout the air in your premises and if so, the type, severity and toxicity level of the mold spores as well.as proper steps to cautiously remove and contain mold growth.

Inspection uses the best diagnostic approach determining the level of assessment to be deemed appropriate to alleviate the indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. Expert Mold Removal Specialist sends down two certified technicians, as well as an environmental analyst to perform a full mold inspection of your premises. They start by collecting pertinent information from you in regards to any water damage you may have had in the past, the length of time and reason you suspect you have a mold problem as well as any possible health symptoms you have been experiencing. This will provide them with a brief insight as to the cause of your concern.

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